sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Comparison between universities.

Harvard University.
It is a private university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The United States.
It forms a part of the Ivy League and is the most ancient institution of higher education of the United States.

Nowadays Harvard has, in average, a student population of about 6,650 students of pregrado and approximately 13,000 of postdegree.
It is considered to be the best university of the world according to the following rankings of universities:
Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) of the Institute of Higher Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Ahead of Stanford and of Berkeley.
Ranking of Cibermetría's Laboratory of the Top Advice of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) of Spain. Ahead of the MIT, of Stanford and of Berkeley.

URBE University.
It is a university deprived of Maracaibo, State Zulia, Venezuela.
Founded by the current rector the Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina in 1989. It is a University located in Maracaibo. The university is founded on October 5, 1989 on honor to Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín, medical founder and rector of the same University. It initiates academic activities on March 26, 1990 with 567 students and 100 teachers concerning the powers of Engineering, Administrative Sciences and Sciences of the Computer science with the Schools of Engineering in Computation, Administration of Companies, Commercial and IT Administration.
On October 5, 1995, to 6 years of his creation there joins the Faculty of Juridical and Political Sciences with the School of Law and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences adds 2 new masters: Public Accountancy and Industrial Relations.

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Importance of the water.

For and world the water is indispensable in order that the life exists, not only because it is a part of the composition of his molecular structure, but also for the innumerable quantity of processes and chemical, biological and physical reactions in which it takes part.
For the human not alone being this the role of giving and supporting life but also it is used in many other processes, that adientran mas in a social productive or industrial nature inclusive the body of the this majority of the alive beings composed in his most for water, and to support this level is essential in order that the organiso works since is due.
The water closet covers fourth three parts of the terrestrial surface, and of this quantity of water closet, 3 % is to sweet water closet and of this one 3 % of sweet water closet, only 1 % this one in liquid state forming rivers, lakes and lagoons for what to take care of this resource is this turning to need mas that an option.
Only 3 % of aga of the whole planet is suitable for the growth and development of the terrestrial life in the planet and nonetheless this one unequally distributed concentandose mas of 90 % in polar caps and mas of ice of the planet the life without water is impossible for what we have met forced to use our technological knowledge in form to purify the water, to make him to choose for the consumption and utilization in our activities.

My family.

I have a big family, totally we are 8 brothers, 5 women and 3 men. 4 of my sisters are married and the other one is divorced. 2 of my 3 brothers are married to and my other brother is single. My mom doesnst work she is a housewife, my dad use to support the house because he didh want that his wife had to word. My dad past away 8 years ago. I got married and 4 years later i got divorced. Then i married again, after 16 years together he died, now Im a widow.

Bank robbery.

Last year a criminal was stealing a bank; he broke a door from the bank. His crime was a robbery, he stole the money from the  strong box. He run away but 30 minutes later he was arrasted for police. The police made an interrogation and he confessed his crime, he will recrive his puhishment by his confession.

Activities of the home.

The most import thing in my house is pay the bills for example phone bills, water, light and internet; also onother important activity in my house is buying provisions to eat and for cleaning. I use to organize all the things that I need to buy in a list, and like this I wont be able to forget something from my list.

The trendy.

Today the trendy is very important because those are changes in the fashion, for example the boys use gel in the hair and they need to go to the gym to be stronger for the girls is like a competition to see who is better thant the other one. In the case of the girls, they like to use leggins jeans, have fake nails, make plastic surgery and have a hair extensions. The women want to be the perfect woman, here we have a saying there is not an ugly woman, only woman without money that is because girls have to spend a lot of money in beuty; for example in "Miss Venezuela" all the girl have a surgery because that make them more beautiful, by the way the contest was here in Maracaibo contest was here in Maracaibo.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

My neighborhood

I live is a quiet urbanization with alot of building and, green areas. The people that live here one very friendly. Here we have all the confort because we have a supermarket, a farmacy and a gym. At the end of here we have an easy acces to the highwat and to the bridge "Rafael Urdaneta", also we have big side walks fordoing jogging. Wehave a church, and a police station for our safety. In this urbanization also we have a heathy center by the goberment. I live excellent here.